Teen Resources

College Resources 

Best College

This resources helps you see all of your options--from comparing schools to attend that best fit your needs to helping plan out your finances, Best Colleges has you covered! 

Cash for College

The California Student Aid Commission wants to help you get to college! With all your financial aid resources in one place, it's essential for any student who wants to go to college. 

Health Resources 

Teen's Health 

Have questions about your health and aren't sure where to turn? Teen's Health from Nemours has you covered! From mental health to keeping yourself safe while playing sports to relationship health, this resource covers it all. 

Book Resources 

Library of Congress for Teens 

From writing prompts given to you from renowned authors like Jason Reynolds to experimenting with new technology, the Library of Congress has got you covered! 

Guys Read

Guys Read is a web-based literacy program for boys founded by author Jon Scieszka. Its mission is "to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers" by bringing attention to the issue, promoting the expansion of what is called "reading" to include materials like comic books, and encouraging grown men to be literacy role models.

Tough Topics

Have a book to look up, but you don't want to ask for help? Check out our Tough Topics flyer, which will have the topic and where you can find that topic in the library. 

Educational Resources  

Help Now

Need help from a tutor or someone to edit your paper? Try Help Now! Along with a real tutor and someone to edit your papers, you have study resources, ways to collaborate with classmates, and more! 

Job Resources 

California Career Zone 

Need help budgeting or trying to figure out what career to pursue? Use the California Career Zone for all you job resources! Brought to your by the California Career Resources Network. 

SnagaJob Job Search

Start your job search with SnagaJob! 

Job Now

Have a job interview but need to practice? Or applying for a dream job but your resume needs some work? You can use Job Now to meet with a real expert to talk about your concerns and make sure you are ready for the next step in your career. 

Driving Resources

Driver's License 

From licensing requirements to safe driving skills to suggestions on how to handle poor weather conditions, the DMV has got you covered! This gives you the information you need to equip yourself (or your teen) for life on the road.


Student News Daily 

Want to keep up to date with the news from a wide variety of sources? Student News Daily can do that for you! They provide published news articles and other current events items from various news organizations.