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1. How does Curbside Pickup work?
2. What time can I pick up my items?
3. Who can use Curbside Pickup?
4. Who can pick up my items?
5. How do I reserve items?
6. What if I have items on hold but do not feel comfortable using the curbside service?
7. What if I no longer want to check out the items I have on hold?
8. How long can I keep checked out materials?
9. How do I renew items?
10. Where do I return items?
11. Can I return LINK+ items?
12. I returned my items, but my account says they are not checked back in yet.
13. What are the safety precautions your staff is taking?
14. What if I don’t have a car, but still want Curbside Pickup?
15. Can I still put items in the outside book drop?
16. Where can I find up-to-date and accurate information about COVID-19/Coronavirus?