Pulled String Art

  1. Drop a few drops of watercolor paint onto a plastic lid, plate, or aluminum foil 
  2. Cut or tear the watercolor paper into 2 or 4 rectangles
  3. Wet the crochet cotton (thicker string) or thread so it’s damp
  4. Place the string in the puddle of paint, keeping 3-5” inches dry
  5. Use a wooden stir stick or popsicle stick to push the string into the paint, if necessary
  6. Place one piece of paper on a protected surface
  7. Carefully lift the clean end of the string and pull the entire length of string out of the paint. Hold the string vertical to let any drips fall before moving to the paper.
  8. Lay the paint-covered string on the piece of paper, moving it back and forth, making loops as you go. The clean end of the string should come out at the middle of the bottom of the paper. It's okay if the paint on the string doesn't reach the bottom edge of the paper.
  9. Place a second piece of paper on top of the first, sandwiching the painted string in between. Be sure to line up the edges.
  10. Place a tissue box, or a small cracker box on top of the 2 pieces of paper. The tissue box might get some paint on it, so I recommend using something from the recycling bin.
  11. Place one hand on top of the tissue box. Use the other hand to slowly pull the clean end of the string. Pull the string as straight as possible, trying to keep it in the same position as you pull.
  12. When you finish pulling the string out from between the pieces of paper, carefully pull apart the two pieces of paper to reveal your design.
  13. You'll have mirror images of your design on each side! Try again with the remaining paper and the thread.
  14. Upload a photo of your craft to share with the library! 


Watch a tutorial on Creativebug: 
First go to the Woodland Public Library Creativebug page and log in with your library card (eCards, too!) number. 
Then follow this link to watch the Pulled String Art.