Read Beyond the Beaten Path

Summer Reading Program starts June 1st through July 31, 2022


We want to help you fill your summer with books, creativity, and fun at the library! This summer we invite you to read 5 books, make 5 things, and explore in 5 ways. You can read books from home or from the library. You can make things at home or join us on Thursdays from 1-2 in Square One for our Make and Explore Program! You can explore our library resources, places in the community, or just learn something new.

Read five books to get a free book and congratulatory lawn sign!

Read 5 books, make 5 things, and explore in five ways to complete the program and get a a toy trinket and 3 of our virtual Tickets to enter into a raffle of your choice for a Razor scooter, an American Girl Doll, a Harry Potter Book Set, and more!

NOTE: Tickets have to be put into raffles by logging into Beanstack.

Continue reading throughout the summer to earn more badges and more tickets to add to the grand prize drawings! 

We hope you will join us in exploring all the library and the community have to offer!

Logging by Books or Minutes

You can log everything in Beanstack and choose either logging books, which is good for kids reading shorter books, or logging minutes, which is better for kids reading longer books and is only available online. Minute loggers get some bonus tickets! 

Prizes and Raffles

Prize pickup starts June 20th, and prizes can be claimed until September 5th.

Kids will win a free book after reading and logging five books, or five 30-minute blocks of reading (online only). 

There will be grand prize ticket drawings, that allows kids to choose which prizes they wish to enter by logging into Beanstack. Prizes include Harry Potter book set, a glamping Lego Set, a penny board, an American Girl Doll, a Razor Scooter and more!.

Subscription Kit
Kryptonite Penny Board
American Girl Doll
Square One
Harry Potter book set
Lego Hidden Side AR

Logging and Badges

On Beanstack kids will earn badges for logging books or minutes, and for completing Make and Explore activities. Click on the activity badges to see the ideas for how to earn the badge. There is always a choice to write in your own idea.

Summer Events

This summer we will have storytimes and weekly performances Tuesdays. We will also have Make and Explore STEAM crafts on Thursdays!

We have special events called Campfire S'moreytime for kids on June 16, July 7, and July 28. 

The summer events are funded by donations from the Friends of the Woodland Public Library and Measure J.

Summer Calendars

Download a printable PDF of the summer calendar.