The Woodland Library Rose Club was founded in 1989 by a group of rose enthusiasts with a mission to help all rose lovers learn about growing roses. On May 18, 1991, the club dedicated a Memorial Rose Garden on the grounds of the Woodland Public Library. Memorial plaques were purchased for each rose placed in the garden. A year later, the Perimeter Wall Garden of roses was planted around the Library and dedicated on April 25, 1992.


In cooperation with the City of Woodland, the library rose gardens were extended to the north and west of the property. This ambitious project took years of planning and preparation. Finally, the John A. Saltsman garden was dedicated on September 26, 1998. The garden displays examples of species, heritage, and modern day roses. The roses were carefully planted according to how they are related to each other. Lovely metal arches were installed and old-fashioned climbing roses were planted to create a shady stroll. This area of the garden was dedicated as the Price Amerson Walkway.

American Rose Society

In 2003, the club became an affiliate of the American Rose Society. Currently the gardens boast 600 varieties of roses.


The members of the Woodland Library Rose Club continue to learn and teach the public about the beauty and cultivation of roses. Every January, a pruning seminar is given to the community. Each April, the club hosts a garden tour to broaden awareness of roses in the home landscape.

Future Mission

The club's future mission includes developing enhancements for the rose gardens and providing continued education to its members. The club's goals are ambitious, but the enthusiasm of the Woodland Library Rose Club has already accomplished wonders.


The creation and maintenance of the Woodland Library Rose Club gardens demonstrate the dedication of club members to their love of roses and community.